It’s been a full week since I checked in on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And guess what? I survived!!

My view last week

My view last week

Like many of you who are reading this, I usually spend a good part of my day checking my phone, seeing what’s going on in everyone’s lives on Facebook, looking at photos on Instagram and checking in with Twitter peeps. It’s become a habit and one that I wanted to see if I could break. This past week, I was away at a cottage with my family, including my sister and her family and my parents. What a great opportunity to disconnect from social media. Here’s what I learned from the experience:

1. Life is simpler without social media check-ins throughout the day. It is true that all we have is this moment, the present, and when we’re check our phones we are no longer present.

2. There was no virtual world to escape to. Which meant that I had to pay attention to what was going on and deal with what was happening here and now. I wasn’t really thinking too much about what everyone else was doing or what I might be missing out on.

3. Speaking of FOMO (fear of missing out), after about 24 hours, that fear disappeared and I didn’t even feel like checking in. However, I do feel like there’s a lot to catch up on!

4. My business still runs without me being on social media throughout the day. One of the advantages of a network marketing business is that as you build a team and create leverage, you are able to be away for a week or so and business will still take care of itself. I have definitely used social media to build my business, but the good news is that a week off did not have a negative effect.

5. My phone battery lasts a lot longer when I’m not on social media 🙂

6. It’s worth taking a break at least once or twice a year. It’s refreshing and revitalize to cut the cord. This is the longest break I’ve ever taken. And I’d do it again, no problem.

As I get ready to check back in on Facebook today, I feel like I have more control over my relationship with social media and am excited to see if some of the lessons I have learned will stick.

A few things I did to help with the break included posting a message on my Facebook wall to share that I would be taking a break, creating an out of the office email and an out of the office voicemail as well. This break was not simply a social media break but also a break from my business. I also let my team and my friends know that I would be taking a break!

Who else took a break from social media this summer? What lessons did you learn? Would you do it again? I’d love to hear from you – but I won’t be checking in every hour to see who has commented.

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