Beautiful best friends

Caring husband, who is a great dad and takes good care of our daughter and his wife

Dear daughter, who is beautiful, healthy and growing up so fast



Great relationship with my family

Health – my own, my husband’s and our families

Imagination and the ability to create my dream life

Just being alive

Kisses from my baby

Love from so many wonderful people in my life

Money and the never-ending supply of it

Nature and all of  the beauty in fields, mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and oceans.

Olive oil and all of the tasty Mediterranean foods I love

Peanut butter and chocolate, any combination

Quiet moments of reflection

Roof over our heads

Swimming in a pool, lake, river or ocean

Tasting, touching, hearing, seeing and smelling.

USANA Health Sciences – my vehicle for creating the life of my dreams

Vision – knowing that everything I dream can be achieved

Water to drink, to bathe in and to wash clothing and dishes

Xcellence – Striving for it in every aspect of my life


Zig-zags of life, it’s never a straight line

This weekend, I encourage you to create your own gratitude alphabet and share it with us.

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