I Forgot My Phone!

My daughter at soccer practice, taken another day when I had my phone.

My daughter at soccer practice, taken another day when I had my phone.

Has this ever happened to you? You arrive at your destination and realize that you’ve forgotten your phone at home. What do you do? Do you go back and get it? Or try to survive without it?

Last night I drove my daughter to her soccer practice and realized once we had arrived that I had left my phone at home. We were early but it would have been at least a 30 minute round trip to get my phone so I had to go without. It was strange to say the least but what a great lesson!

Here’s what I realized. Since I didn’t have my phone with me, I was more present than before at her practice. I was paying closer attention and not distracted by the mere presence of the phone. And as I looked around, I noticed that about 50% of the parents were looking at their phone during the practice. The others, who possibly didn’t bring their phones, were paying close attention to the kids on the field or their other kids playing nearby.

Truth – I am the parent on her phone during the practice. I am not consistently on it but I do check it regularly and it takes me out of the game. I have rules around my own cell phone use but I am not as diligent as I could be when it comes to being present for my daughter.

Gratitude tip: My favorite gratitude quote is ‘gratitude grounds us in the present, what are you most grateful for right now?’ – a modified version would be, ‘putting away or turning off our phones grounds us in the present and makes it easier to be grateful for what is right in front of us.’


Lesson learned. I plan to change my habits and become more present with my daughter and friends this summer. For those of you who don’t have cell phones or are limited in their use, I could learn from you. I will continue to use and enjoy my phone, that’s for sure, but I can also make more of an effort to turn it off.

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