I Surrender, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurMy dearest readers,

It’s time I surrendered. I have been struggling with this for a while now and it’s been seeping through the cracks and now it’s time to be upfront with all of you. Ever since my near death experience, I have been growing my relationship with God. After the event I attended in Chicago in January, I felt even more drawn to study and learn more about Jesus. And at times, I speak about God in my blog and occasionally, I mention Jesus. I am cautious to include other terms, such as the Universe or Source when I have spoken about God. For months now I have been looking for a Christian blog where I can be free to share my faith along with all of the other wisdom and stories that I share. And it finally occurred to me this week that this is the place for me to share it. This is my blog, and in order for me to continue to be authentic, my faith can no longer be around the edges.

I realize that some of you may not be comfortable reading about God and Jesus, and I understand how you feel. Until about five years ago, I could not say the words, nor could I imagine writing about God. God works in mysterious ways however, and when my daughter was born, I was drawn to have her baptized (even though I had no religious upbringing and had never gone to church except at Easter and Christmas). I followed this path and ended up attending church regularly and am now the Sunday School teacher at our little French church here in Burlington.

For those who have different beliefs, I honour and respect that. And if you choose to unsubscribe due to a difference in beliefs, I can understand that. My hope is that for some of you, this will bring us closer and we will be more aligned. And perhaps I will touch more lives by being completely authentic and speaking my truth.

After reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I am certain that gratitude and God are completely intertwined. This book had such a powerful impact on me. And I imagine a time where I will have a similar impact on other’s lives as well by including God in my writing. The theme of the blog will not change. I will still be writing about building your business and your life on a foundation of gratitude. And when I am drawn to include faith or scripture in the post, I will include it.

We will never please everyone and not everyone will like what we do or say. It is by being authentic that we connect with each other as human beings. For those who choose to continue following my blog, I am honoured that you have chosen to stay. For those who move on, I send you love and gratitude for being a loyal reader up until now. Thank you.

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