All of a sudden, it seems like our little girl really recognizes everyone in her life.  Over the past few months, I have been noticing this more and more, and it’s a bit strange to me that she often really does want mommy!!  She was never really like this in the beginning, and I think it does take a while before babies start to identify specific people in their lives.

For example, last week, we had a friend come over for dinner.  She arrived at around the same time as daddy usually gets home.  Only daddy was going to baseball that night, so he wasn’t there. When she came in, our DD immediately started crying! We figured that it was because she knew what time of day it was and that daddy was supposed to come home.  Since it wasn’t him – she was inconsolable.  We tried everything! Finally, daddy came home (after her bedtime) and she finally settled down and promptly went to sleep.

And she knows who I am and when I come home (after doing an errand or something), she is immediately reaching for me.  Or if she’s been crying, she stops as soon as I walk in.  This behaviour is really striking for me – I never realized how much she “wants mommy”, because I’ve been leaving her with other people since she was just a few weeks old. I was wondering if it was the same for other moms and their babies? Is is a daughter thing? Or are some boys just the same? I think I’m starting to really understand how much more difficult it would be to leave your child at day care.  I’ll be doing a few weeks of summer camp this year (just at my home) and DD will be staying upstairs with a neighbour.  I hope this phase is just  that – a phase.

Please check in below, I’d love some input for some of our more experienced moms and maybe some strategies to help with some of the separation anxiety that might be going on.

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