Why Is It Important To Teach Our Kids Affirmations?

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How many of you have tried to use affirmations before? For me, it’s been something that has had a positive affect on my life – when I am committed to doing them on a regular basis. What about our kids? Why is it important to teach our kids affirmations? I wonder how many of us would feel more confident, self-assured and more grateful if we had grown up learning to use affirmations.

Learning about affirmations

Several years ago, I attended a personal growth seminar and one of the attendees talked about how she did affirmations in the mirror with her little one. At that time, I was doing my own affirmations in the mirror twice a day. However it had never occurred to me that I could be doing them with my daughter. She was only 4 at the time but quickly learned to say a few affirmations in the mirror every night. Now that she is almost 7, we continue to say these affirmations together and have added new ones as she’s learned them off by heart.

What I love about affirmations is that there are endless possibilities for everyone. To me, Louise Hay has always been the Queen of Affirmations and I have consulted her site many times for inspiration on affirmations. She also wrote a wonderful children’s book that is full of affirmations for young people.

Some of the phrases we use include:
  • I am beautiful
  • I am strong
  • I am intelligent
  • I am a child of God
  • Jesus is in my heart
  • I am grateful
  • I am kind
  • I am loving
  • I love you!

This is such a simple process that you can start with any child, at any age. If your child doesn’t speak yet, place them in front of a mirror with you and say the affirmations for them. Have a teenager going through a tough time? Mirror affirmations, which can be super uncomfortable at first, might help them to turn a corner.

Affirmations of Gratitude

Throughout the day, we can also use affirmations of gratitude to shift our energy. I love to start the day by waking up with gratitude and saying, ‘thank you God for this gift of another day.’ You can choose words of thanks that resonate with you! Whatever lights you up to start the day with gratitude will work. You could write it on a sticky note and post it beside your bed. I also love to say thank you when I’m going up and down the stairs, as a reminder that walking is so easily taken for granted. What other ways could you use affirmations of gratitude daily?

Something new and fun for our kids!

At the beginning of this post, I asked why is it important to teach our kids affirmations? My good friends and biz partners, Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood agree with me. And they saw a gap in the marketplace when it comes to teaching our kids about the power of affirmations. Together they created Love Powered Co. Littles and today (Aug 29th) is their launch day!!! I’m super excited to support their Kickstarter campaign and I hope you’ll join me in supporting this amazing new tool for our little ones.

Here’s a little bit more about these wonderful new cards:

teach our kids affirmationsLOVE POWERED LITTLES



How are we different?
  1. 22 POWERS

These are the qualities of emotionally intelligent trailblazers! The POWERS we all have within us, at times, we just need to be reminded of it.


We focus on the power of CONNECTION between parent & child. Leave the screen at the door, this is a time to be present, engaged and wholeheartedly connected.


Instead of 1 affirmation per card, we have grouped together 3 related terms + a statement – helping our littles to grasp the meaning of the words and how they all relate to each other. BONUS! We are teaching our children a new, beautiful, positive vocabulary!


Parents & children think of examples and ‘times when’. Going even deeper, we ask ‘How did this make you feel’? By connecting their own experiences to each POWER, and remembering how they felt, it better helps our children to understand the words and statements they are saying, and connect deeper to the meaning behind them.


These cards are so darn adorable and just oh-so-delicious, we are certain that you and your littles will find it hard to wait to get your hands on them!

Kickstarter Link is LIVE 08.29 11am EST:
Find the on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovepoweredco
Follow on Instagram: instagram.com/lovepoweredco

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