In a New York Minute

I have a secret. I have always wanted to just fly to New York City for the day. And thanks to USANA’s Trusted partnership with The Dr. Oz Show I had the chance to do that yesterday.

Gratitude Tip: Your thoughts create your life in ways that you may never even imagine. Keep on dreaming and know that everything is always working out in your favour.

julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude project7 am: I picked up my friend and business partner Sara at her home in Burlington, Ontario.

8:30 am: We arrive at Buffalo International Airport.

daring greatly, brene brown10:13 am: Flight leaves for NYC – JFK. Bought a copy of Daring Greatly by Brené Brown to read on the plane. Excellent book. Also, I manifested my favorite exit row seat without even asking. #extralegroom

julie boyer, daily gratitude11:30 am: Touched down in NYC. We have two hours to get to the studio. Google maps says it takes an hour by transit. Also, we met a Yankees fan on the subway platform. He was very kind to us even though we said we were from Toronto :-).

1 pm: Still on a subway and getting a bit worried about getting there on time. We are wearing our travel clothes and still need to change.

1:30 pm: Quick taxi to the studio from the subway. We made it! By the way it’s 30°C (85°F).

julie boyer, daily gratitude2 pm: We sneak into the washroom to change. We clean up good!

julie boyer. dr. oz3 pm: Into the studio for the taping. The production team will seat you based on what you’re wearing so it’s best to look sharp and dress to impress.

We will be in many of the shots in the background and I will posted the show air date on a future blog.

We actually learned a lot from the show! Great episode!

Julie Boyer, Ben Pieper : Doctor Oz Show : New York City4:30 pm: The shows wraps and we have the opportunity for a quick photo with Dr. Oz. He is truly a remarkable man. He made us all feel important in the moment he greeted us.

julie boyer, daily gratitude5:30 pm: Dinner at Pizza Arte on 55th near 5th Ave. We were treated to one of the best meals I have ever had, by USANA Canada. I was so happy because I could eat so many things! The gluten-free pizza was outstanding.

julie boyer, pizza, NYC7:30 pm: Back on the subway to the airport.

9 pm: Made it to our gate an hour early. We are exhausted but so incredibly grateful.

11:45 pm: Arrived in Buffalo.

julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude project1:30 am: Home to sleep in our own beds.

I am so incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity. Yes it was a lot to cram into a day! But it was absolutely worth it. And what an adventure it turned out to be. I’m so happy I shared it with Sara and my USANA family.

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