Everything looks great....until about 5 minutes later!

Everything looks great….until about 5 minutes later!

A week ago, I wrote this post about how much it costs you to be sick and how our family has avoided it for years. Friday night, my daughter (who is 5) had the stomach flu (which isn’t actually the flu, I didn’t know this!) for the first time ever. She was so unwell, I felt really bad for her. She was sick for about 8 hours and then she recovered. Saturday and Sunday went by, and both my husband and I felt fine, so I assumed we had avoided it.

Not so, and I got sick at the worst possible time – right in the middle of our Evening of Wealth, Wellness and Wisdom. Ironic for sure. Hubby is down for the count this morning. So, my apologies. Looks like this time my family could not avoid it. It’s giving me perspective and more empathy when I hear about other kids who have the stomach flu.

No gratitude tip this morning, just a quick post before I get a bit more sleep! Thankfully I am already on the mend. I also wanted to say a huge thank you to my leadership team partner, Kelly Fernandes, who took over for me during the nutrition seminar as I had to go home. Yes, I left in the middle of my seminar. And from what I heard, she did an amazing job. Super proud of her for stepping up majorly in her leadership, as she had one seen me to the presentation twice and never done it on her own.

It’s Day 13 of the #40daysofgratitudechallenge. Join us anytime – even if you missed the beginning there are still 27 days to go!

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