sugarHave you seen Sugar Coated: How the Food Industry Seduced the World One Spoonful At a Time? It’s posted on Netflix Canada and it’s a documentary by Michèle Hozer, in association with TVO and ZDF/ARTE. A homegrown documentary that has won international acclaim including 2016 CSA (Canadian Screen Awards) WINNER OF THE DONALD BRITAIN AWARD FOR BEST SOCIAL / POLITICAL DOCUMENTARY. So the question is, Is Sugar Toxic?

Gratitude Tip: Sugar is the new tobacco it seems. How do we find an gratitude in this situation? Let’s start with gratitude that the truth is finally starting to emerge, not only from one source, but from many different sources and countries around the world. Also, we can be grateful that there are people who are willing to stand up to Big Sugar, all alone, to help the rest of us to learn the truth about sugar. And lastly, we find gratitude that we live in a time where we have an abundance of food choices, healthy and unhealthy, and with education and change of habits we can release our sugar addictions for good.

Sugar-coated Documentary

Sugar-coated Documentary

What I loved about this documentary is that it really exposes the deceptive marketing practices of the sugar industry, which is very reminiscent of what the tobacco industry did. And it aligns with what I have been saying for years – sugar is the issue, not fat or calories. They do spend some time talking about the concept of calories in, calories out – which is a fallacy. I should know,  I trained 20 hours a week for 2 Ironman triathlons without losing a pound. All calories are not the same and we don’t use all calories in the same way. This is why my programs don’t focus on counting calories, it’s about learning how to eat whole food and reducing our sugar intake to minimal amounts.

This last point is key, there is a ‘safe’ amount of sugar per day – approx 6 – 12 teaspoons of sugar. 1 tsp of sugar = 4 grams, so that’s a total of 24 – 48 g of sugar per day. That’s not very much and most of us don’t realize how much sugar we are eating on a daily basis simply because it’s in everything processed. I believe it’s important to know and understand how much sugar we are eating, this is one thing that we should be counting. In my own lifestyle, I avoid sugar as much as possible and do my best to stay below about 10 tsp a day of sugar. Since breaking my sugar habit, I actually feel ill if I eat too much sugar at one time. Treats that I used to enjoy make me feel nauseous and upset my stomach now. Once we break our sugar addiction, our taste buds change, and foods that we never enjoyed before now taste amazing! Good fats actually taste really amazing! The documentary explained how we were completely duped into believing that fat was bad for us. It was a marketing ploy so that the food companies could take the fat out of food and include sugar instead. It makes me sick to see this – it’s something I have heard about for years but to see how it was all orchestrated …. let’s just say that Big Sugar and Big Tobacco are in bed together.

Where’s the good news in all of this? First, I believe people are becoming more and more aware that sugar is unhealthy and dangerous.Second, there is a movement towards eating more whole, healthy food. And third, there is a lot of support for those who want to make a lifestyle change.

I implore you to watch this documentary, especially if you have children. Fatty liver disease from sugar is becoming epidemic in our children. And in my opinion, in order to get our children to stop eating sugar, we as parents have to stop or reduce it as well. I quit drinking Diet Coke (aspartame is WORSE than sugar) when my one year old daughter pretended to drink from an empty can – she was copying me. That was the last one I ever drank. I didn’t want her to grow up drinking soda.

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