Is Your Vision BIG Enough?

Creating our Vision Boards

Creating our Vision Boards

Creating a vision for your life is so much fun! One of the things that I realized yesterday is that I can dream even bigger! We did an exercise where we actually drew our vision boards with crayons, markers and pencil crayons. It gave us a chance to connect with our inner child and be even more creative than we could have been using photos alone.

Gratitude Tip: How big is your vision? Are you creating a vision that is about you and your family or are you taking it to global level? It only takes one person with a BIG vision to change the world. Start with gratitude, love and faith in yourself and your vision, and you’ll be able to manifest anything you set your mind to. 

Connecting to a vision that is much greater then ourselves is so powerful. And I learned that I can dream even bigger than I had ever thought before. It’s interesting how my vision and dreams for the next few years have been evolving and changing over the past few weeks. This is also about practicing non-attachment. As my mentor Leanne Jacobs has often said, it’s important to create goals and to have timelines, yet at the same time to allow for diving timing in our lives. Pushing for a goal or a vision to manifest before it’s time usually results in disaster. Allowing ourselves to go with the flow and follow the rhythm of our lives is just as important as setting goals and creating the vision in the first place.

If you’ve never created a vision board, today’s the day to do it! Start with a blank piece of paper (thick art paper or bristol board) and either use pictures from magazines or simply draw your own vision using your kids art supplies! Visit the dollar store if you don’t have these things on hand. There you can find different sizes of canvases which are also great for creating vision boards. Include your kids and your spouse. Have fun and the more uncomfortable or impossible it seems – the better!!

Here’s the chapter on creating a vision board from my book 30 Days of Gratitude. And a recent post about how I had my parents create their first vision board, which ended up helping them to find a path for the next few years of their lives. Once yours is finished, I’d love to see it! Share it on my Facebook page please.

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