It takes work to build a business. Surprised? Having been in the network marketing profession for over a decade I am truly surprised when people have expectations to make money when they choose not to do revenue generating activities – or enough consistent work in order to create an income. Whether you are in network marketing or not, any entrepreneur has to work hard (especially in the beginning) for very little pay in order to create momentum and revenue in their business.

Gratitude Tip: Choosing to be an entrepreneur is making the decision to work hard. Full stop. Depending on whether you choose a typical path or direct sales will dictate how many hours a week you’re going to working but either way, there will be focused and dedicated work for at least 2-3 years before the big money starts to come in – and it may not. Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of gratitude as well, especially when we are first starting out. Being grateful for every customer, every sale, every investor that comes our way, makes it easier for more and more money to flow our way.

Taking a look at my lifestyle now, it may seem like it’s a lot of vacations and pool afternoons, however I have worked over the past decade to create an income that allows me more freedom than a traditional business. It took me 18 months to replace my previous full time income (from a corporate job) in my USANA business. However, just like any business, there is growth and recession and there are times when it’s a focus on growth and there are times when we can focus on enjoying the benefits of the hard work.

What I have often seen is that there is an expectation that it’s going to be easy or fast to create a residual income that allows you a freedom lifestyle. Even if you choose the traditional business route, the first few years are going to be a challenge! That’s probably why I have seen many of my entrepreneur friends go back to the corporate world – whether it’s because of financial strain or other reasons, it doesn’t work out for every entrepreneur, whether you are in network marketing or not.

To have a successful business, you’ve got to put in two things – time and effort. That’s the bottom line. As my friend Kate Northrup put it, you can’t just sit back and do affirmations and hope it’s all going to work out. There’s got to be inspired, consistent action in order to create momentum and success.

Did you ever wonder why I choose to blog almost every day? Especially since I have yet to create a revenue stream from this blog? It’s because I want to share with you the pitfalls I have faced and the truth about life and business, that others may not what to share. I share with you that sometimes things are hard, and what gets me through it all is my solid foundation of gratitude. I write in the hopes that I will inspire you to start or grow your personal gratitude practice and make positive changes in your life. I write because I know that for at least one person, every day, this blog makes a difference.

Every blog I write might not apply directly to you, and that’s ok. I’m grateful every time you open the post and read what I’ve got to share. I write because I love to write. And I write because I have created a business and life that allows me the time to do so. Today I ask you one question – if you are in business for yourself, and you’re reading this blog regularly, are you ready to step up your game this year and work harder and smarter than you ever have before? If the answer is YES – stay tuned. I’ll be launching a new web-based program in the fall that could completely change your life.

It’s almost a week into my vacation, and as we all know, we tend to make different choices about the food we eat and what we drink. As I will be heading away again a few weeks after I get home, I’ve decided to the the new 7 Day MySmartStart Program starting on Monday Aug 17th. It’s the newest program from USANA and I did back in June when the program was first released and we’ve had groups starting weekly. The great thing about this program is that you are doing 2 smoothies a day, 2 healthy low glycemic snacks plus one low glycemic meal, so it’s a program that can be repeated on a regular basis (unlike the 5 day program that was best done no more than once a season, or our 30 Day Whole Body Detox which is a once a year program). Would you like to join me? Take a peek on my website, (look under diet & energy tab) – you can even create a custom program! Already did the 7 day program? Great! You can simply purchase a bag of your favorite protein base, a box of bars and the USANA Supplements and you’ll all set to join us.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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