julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxWhen I first designed the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program 4 years ago with my two co-founders, my intention was to create a program that helped people to make lasting lifestyle changes. I had been creating different programs for years already and I was looking for a program that would really change lives, permanently. It had to be a program that included real food so that it would be sustainable for the long term. And it had to be simple enough that most people, whether they had any experience in the kitchen or not, could be successful. Four years and five editions later, we’ve created just that.

Gratitude Tip: The best way to be successful is to work with people who have different strengths then you do, and allow them to contribute what they do best. This program is a collaboration between more than 25 people, with different areas of expertise in nutrition and wellness. What I am most grateful for is that almost everyone I asked to contribute said yes. That’s not always going to be the case when you’re building a team or putting together a project. For every person that supports you and joins your team, make sure they know how much you appreciate their contribution and express your gratitude freely.


Back to the program, I also felt it was important to focus on creating new habits instead of weight loss, because when we focus our success on losing weight and we don’t achieve the number on the scale, it can be very difficult to feel successful – even though we may have completely changed our eating habits and given up caffeine & alcohol for a month! The program includes a pre and post detox checklist where you can record your starting weight and a few measurements, but that’s only the first few lines of a 2 page questionnaire. We do our best to measure what cannot be easily quantified, such as quality of sleep or mood.

30Daywholebodydetox 5th edition coverWhat I had also realized is that there are people who simply live like this every day. The 30 Day Whole Body Detox program doesn’t apply to them because it’s just how they live. And as I start Day 3 of the program for the 5th time, I’m starting to feel like one of those people. We have veteran detoxers who have been doing the program since the beginning – and guess what?  We’ve all changed our habits! Every year the program gets easier and easier to do because we’ve created a lifestyle change. I LOVE THIS!!!! It doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy food or have fun on special occasions, it’s simply that we make different choices and know how to get back on track very quickly now. And I want you to know that even if it’s your very FIRST year doing the program, you will create new habits that will support you until next spring, when you can become a veteran detoxer too.

Did I step on the scale two days ago? Yes, to record my weight for my questionnaire. Do I have any weight to lose? Nope. Am I excited about this? YES! This is the first year I haven’t eaten Easter chocolate and gained a few pounds in the months leading up to the detox. I am excited to just be doing the program to enjoy all of the new recipes and focus on trying new things for a month.

We have quite a large group starting on Monday! If you’d still to start on April 4th and you’re local to Burlington, ORDER NOW and your products will be picked up tomorrow (by me, for my local clients). If your products have to be shipped, not to worry, you can start on April 11 or 18th, groups are already forming for those two start dates. I offered a FREE printed copy to the first 10 clients of mine that enroll in the program, and I’ve got 4 left. This offer is valid for Canada only.

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