MySmartFoods bannerYou’ve been hearing about it since the soft launch in August 2015, USANA’s new and innovative personalized food system: MySmartFoods. This revolutionary food system not only allows you to customize your shakes, it also has 0 g of sugar, 4 g net carbs with 8 g of fiber and 18 g of protein per 39 g serving. In our face-paced world, convenience foods are usually very unhealthy and loaded with sugar. USANA created the MySmartFoods to create a healthier, forward-thinking option.

Gratitude Tip: This one is personal today, and applies to many of you who are USANA clients and team members. I’m grateful to work with USANA, a nutritional research company that it always ahead of the curve and creating new products based on scientific research and not the latest marketing scheme.

Let’s talk about what’s new and different about the food system. First, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

shake bases1 = Shake Base: Choose your base – Plant (potato and pea protein), non-GMO Soy or New Zealand Whey. Each shake base has only 13 ingredients and zero added sugar.

flavour optimizers2 = Flavour Stick Pack: This is an optional way to customize your shake base. As the bases are a plain, mild natural vanilla flavour, you can add your favorite flavours. Current offerings are Orange Crème, Chocolate, Banana, Cappuccino and Peach Mango.

protein optimizer3 = Optimizer: Two options here – add more fiber with Fibergy (my favorite) or customize your protein with a pure New Zealand Whey protein, up to 10 g protein per serving.

And if you’re using a blender or Vitamix, you can add your favorite fruits and veggies too!

Easy right? So why are they called MySmartFoods? Here’s what the acronym stands for. And for all of the detail, check out this 7 minute YouTube video with Dr. Brian Dixon of USANA.

SMART slideS = Simple and pure ingredients – only 13 ingredients in each of the Shake Bases.

M = Macronutrient Balance – a balanced combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates including fiber.

A  = Advance fats – from sustainably harvested coconut oil.

R = Research validated – All of the ingredients are included based on current scientific research.

T = Totally personalized – see above for how to create your personalized shake!

Lastly, we didn’t forget about snack options. The new MySmartBars are an excellent source of protein (from whey), healthy fats (coconut oil) and fiber. And they are SUPER tasty!

My USANA website now has these products available for order! If you’re a current Canadian customer and would like to try these products this week – you’re eligible for FREE shipping, simply by calling in your order 888-950-9595 to USANA. New Canadian customers and team members get the same offer.

Who’s excited to get their MySmartFoods order?

p.s. For those who are doing the 30 Day Whole Body Detox or starting next week, you can still order the Nutrimeal Free OR you can replace it with the MySmartFoods Plant. The Plant base is a larger bag and costs LESS per serving!


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