It’s Time to Stop Chasing Money

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Leadership

When our decisions are based on how much we are going to get paid, or what our earning potential is, we are focused on chasing money. I’ve made this mistake myself, both as an employee and an entrepreneur. Does anyone else relate to this? I think it’s time we all stop chasing money, wouldn’t you agree?

Where in your life have you chased money and realized that you were heading in the wrong direction?

Back in the early 2000s, I was building a career in customer service management. I was so young and really had no idea how to be a great manager. I was hired for my first role as a customer service manager with a small printing company when I was 26. Thankfully, I had a very small team to manage and a great mentor, so this would have been amazing first job as a manager. However, after a few short months, I received a call from a recruiter, who had a client looking for a bilingual customer service manager.

Even though I had very little management experience, I interviewed for the role. As it was a bilingual role, the pay was much higher ($70,000/year) which was very tempting for a 26 year old. The thing was, I’d be working for an elevator company, and that didn’t excite me at all. Yet I continued through the interview process, met the management team and in a very short period of time, I was offered the job.

I accepted on the spot – how could I possibly turn down a $15,000/year raise?

The next day, I gave my notice at the company I was working at. It was not easy to do, I had only been there a short time and I had an amazing mentor. Of course I didn’t realize the value of having a mentor til many many years later. And withing 48 hours, my world fell apart. The company that had hired me withdrew their offer. The senior manager, who was based in the US, saw my resume and decided that I didn’t have enough experience for the job. He wasn’t even interested in meeting with me. I went back to the job I had just quit and asked to stay, and they said no (which I can see in hindsight that there was no way they could ever trust me again).

Now I had no job and no income.

I was married at the time, to my first husband. Thankfully, the management team at his company was open to meeting with me and somehow I landed a role as the project manager for their second plant opening. It paid about $40,000/year and was a very short term contract, however I took it right away. Lesson learned – chase the money and sooner or later, it doesn’t end up serving you.

Sometimes it takes a few mistakes for the lesson to sink in.

Years later, after I had started my network marketing business with USANA, I was making around $55,000/year after about 2 1/2 years. This is a very good income in our profession and I had a team of people that I was working with who were also making great money. Yet, in March of 2009 I stunned everyone by leaving my USANA business and starting over with another company. And why did I leave when I was making such a great income? There were a lot of reasons, however when I look back now, I can see that some of them were similar to the decision I had many years before when I left the customer service manager role.

First, I was attracted to the compensation plan.

It seems so much easier to make more money than I had been with USANA and it appeared to be much easier to understand and explain. Second, I was attracted to the leadership – I was being recruited by leaders who were at the top of the company and my mentor in USANA, Leanne Grechulk (now Jacobs) was just starting her leadership journey.

The part that didn’t work for me was that I lacked passion for the products. I saw that they had value as health products, but the gel delivery system was not something I liked – considering I had done 3 Ironman triathlons at this point and had never used gels for fuel. Much like elevators, I wasn’t passionate about gels. I was chasing the money.

As you probably know, that didn’t work out very well. I ended up making very little income when I switched companies and we struggled financially during the two years I attempted to build that business. I say attempted because my heart was never really into it and I never developed the passion for the products as I had with USANA.

Chasing the money, now as an entrepreneur, did not serve me well.

It’s been 6 years since I came back to USANA. And my passion for the products, the company and most especially the people that I get to work with is what fuels my business and in return, creates an income that is consistently growing. When I came back, I took some time before I decided to jump back in, as I wanted to make sure that I would be making a decision for life. I’ve been around this profession for over a decade, and those that jump from opportunity to opportunity are usually chasing money and the next ‘ground floor’ opportunity. Those that find the right company for them, and consistently take action, create their own success and the income follows. I have yet to see someone who followed the money and has made a consistent, growing revenue.

What are my key learnings from these experiences?

  1. Stop chasing money.
  2. Start chasing passion.
  3. Value mentorship.
  4. Choosing the right partner is key.

This video is what prompted my blog post today. I came across it in my Facebook memories. I created it in October 2008, less than 6 months before I left USANA. And what I can tell you now is that by taking two years away from USANA, I lost a lot of momentum which slowed down the process of achieving my goals and dreams.

However, I am forever grateful for the lessons I learned in those two years away and I wouldn’t change a thing. By sharing the lessons I have learned, my hope is that it will help you the next time you are faced with a situation that has tempted you to make a change, and the underlying reason is truly about the money.

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