DECISION, Julie boyer, grateful entrepreneurWhen you decide, truly make a decision to change, things will change. I’ve heard this shared by Jordan Kemper a few times, the word decision is from Latin dēcīsiō, literally: a cutting off; when you make a clear decision, you cut yourself off from any other options. I was chatting with a friend who is also a business owner yesterday and she told me that once she became very clear on her goals, she quickly manifested them. She made a firm DECISION. Where in your life is it time to make a decision?

Gratitude Tip: Are there areas in your life that need improvement? Would you like to manifest change, and quickly? The first step is to DECIDE that you’re ready to make a change. The second step is to be CLEAR about where you’re going. And the third and most important step, BE GRATEFUL now for all the good that is on it’s way and have FAITH that is it. It’s truly as simple as that! 

I have seen this again and again in many of the leaders that I am surrounded by. This process of making a decision, getting clear and then express gratitude in the present for what is on it’s way is very powerful! Add a dose of visualization and you’re guaranteed to succeed!

Years ago, I had a dream to do an Ironman triathlon. When I was a teenager, I had seen highlights from the race on tv with my mom and I told her that one day I would compete in an Ironman event. A full Ironman distance race is a 3.8 km open water swim, followed by a 180 km bike (road) and finishing with a full marathon run, 42.2 km. At the time, I had chronic pain in both knees from 8 years of gymnastics as a child and couldn’t run to catch the bus, so it was truly an impossible dream.

I studied Kinesiology (human movement) at McMaster University and was surrounded by athletes. I still couldn’t run, although I did swim (not competitively) and inline skate to get around campus. Triathlon and Ironman was definitely out of reach. My first job out of school was working in a physiotherapy clinic as a kinesiologist. Unfortunately, the job involved going up and down stairs all day and teaching exercise classes to seniors (low impact) and it was too much for my knees. I ended up spending more time getting treated then some of the patients did! Thankfully, I met Wendy, the physiotherapist who changed my life. I had tried many, many things over the years to help with my knee pain and nothing had worked in a decade. Wendy helped me with some simple exercises to help with a muscle imbalance and other therapies, and then gently encouraged me to give running a try.

The first time I ran for a minute on the treadmill, I was overjoyed. I was 22 and hadn’t run in 10 years. My knees still hurt, but they didn’t get any worse so I figured I was ok. I was so used to waking up in pain every day that I figured I’d rather be running and in pain than not running at all. As soon as I realized I COULD run again, I signed up for my first 5 K race. By then I was working in customer service for New Balance Canada, the footwear company. A great place to start a triathlon career! And that’s what I did. I bought a bike for $40 and started riding around my neighborhood. I got back in the pool and did Masters’ Swimming. And I ran on a regular basis. That summer of 1999, I did my first triathlon.

Crossing the finish line at Ironman Canada 2003

Crossing the finish line at Ironman Canada 2003

Once I did my first race, I knew that I would eventually complete an Ironman. That dream had not disappeared. And I was determined to do it. I made a clear decision that that was where I was headed. It didn’t matter whether I had to overcome injuries or chronic knee pain, I was going to complete the race. Note that I always visualized not only competing in the race but also COMPLETING the race. I visualized crossing the finish line time and time again while I was training. And in 2003, I completed Ironman Canada and crossed the line with my best friend, Lee-Anne Chase. Life goal complete!

The lesson here? Don’t let your current set of circumstances determine what you can accomplish in the future. It is a blank slate. Make a clear DECISION and follow the simple steps and you’ll be able to manifest anything, and I mean anything you desire.

Day 16 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge. Lost count? Here’s an easy way to remember, simply add 3 (since we did 3 days in January) to the current date! It’s February 13th, so it’s day 16 of the challenge. I’ll be doing a special Valentine’s Day draw for all participants tomorrow. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #40daysofgratitude so that I can find your posts on Instagram and Facebook!

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