It’s About Service, Not Sales

What is it that we fear about being in sales? Perhaps we’ve had bad experiences in the past with retail, automotive or even direct sales people that make us cringe? But is this actually true? Are all ‘salespeople’ rude, dishonest and not to be trusted?

I challenge to you think about who is a ‘salesperson’ and what they are ‘selling’ us.

  • A teacher is selling their students on the value of an education and their particular subject of study.
  • A parent is selling their children on habits, etiquette, family values and behavior.
  • A doctor is selling their solutions to degenerative disease management and prevention.
  • A personal trainer is selling the value of regular, focused exercise.
  • A nutritionist is selling a holistic lifestyle and healthy food choices.
  • A car salesperson is selling us a vehicle that will keep our family safe.
  • A prospective spouse is selling their partner on a lifetime with them.

Still not comfortable with these examples?

Gratitude Tip: What if we turned it all around and changed our focus from what are we trying to ‘sell’ to how may we be of ‘service’ to our fellow human beings?

Let’s try this again:

  • A teacher is serving their students by teaching them in their area of expertise so that they can learn and grow.
  • A parent serves their children by being the best parent possible which means encouraging them to make good choices, eat healthy, respect others and be kind to themselves and the world around them.
  • A doctor is serving their patients by recommending ways to prevent degenerative diseases or to lessen the symptoms using pharmaceuticals or supplements.
  • A personal trainer serves their clients by encouraging them to stick to a regular fitness routine and commit to working out.
  • A nutritionist is serving their clients by teaching them about a holistic lifestyle and the best food choices for them.
  • A car salesperson is serving a family by finding them a vehicle that meets their needs at the best price for their budget.
  • A prospective spouse is offering to be of service to their partner for a lifetime.

You will often see me posting on social media, how may I be of service to you today?  I truly feel that what I do is of service to others and that I make a difference every day by sharing the products I represent and the lifestyle we offer. You never know who may be watching or listening and may be in need to what you have to offer. And sometimes, it can make a big difference.

Stop fearing sales. The next time you’re worrying about making the ‘sale’ change your thinking and ask yourself, how I am being of service to this person? And if you’re not in service, then you either have to let it go or ask better questions to find out how you may be of service.



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