Saturday! Binge Day!

There are a few rules for binge day that are well outlined in The 4-Hour Body.  Here are a few: start the day with a slow carb breakfast. Before your first junk meal, drink a glass of grapefruit juice. Take some kind of greens product to help keep things moving in your digestive track. Also, Saturday morning is weigh in and inches day.  We measure inches lost around the waist, hips, left & right biceps and left & right thigh.  Today’s weigh in (April 2nd, 2011): Total lb lost for me, 10 but total inches lost 15!! Dan has lost 13 lb and 6 inches.

Here’s what I ate on Saturday:

Breakfast  – 2 eggs over easy, 2 strips of turkey bacon, leftover veg and beans from the night before, English muffin with margarine, grapefruit juice.

Morning vitamins: 2 Multi-mineral, 2 Mega Anti-oxidant, 2 Omega-3, 2 Joint Formula, 2 Vitamin D (1000 mg each) and 1 Proflavanol C100 (grapeseed oil and vitamin C)

Snack – Eggies, mini diet coke, water

Lunch – Cheese tortellini with tomato pesto, water

Snack – BBQ Kettle chips, popcorn, water, more chocolate

Dinner – Thai eggplan and rice (ordered in), avocado and crab roll, fortune cookie, cranberry and rum drink, with raspberries (x3)

Snack – even more chocolate!

Evening vitamins: 2 Multi-mineral, 2 Mega Anti-oxidant, 2 Joint Formula, and 1 Proflavanol C100 (grapeseed oil and vitamin C), 2 Active Calcium Plus

The grocery list will be sent out today, my apologies for not sending it out yesterday.  So there you have it, a whole week’s worth of meals on my version of Slow Carb eating.  If you missed it, the week started last Sunday. The biggest difference I’ve notice for me is the amount of inches lost, especially around my belly. Which is pretty awesome since mommy tummy is one of the hardest things to lose after having a baby.  Also, I’ve noticed that my energy level is higher during the week, even more so since I started back on the USANA vitamins.  I tend to feel crummy by the end of the day on Saturday from all of the junk.  I think that’s the point, then I am less likely to eat that stuff during the week.  A few challenges with the plan, going to eat at friend’s places can be tough (unless it’s a Saturday) although eating out is usually ok.  Being a vegetarian is also a challenge, I find that Dan has a bit of an easier time since he eats meat.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post – 2-3 times a week.  In 4 and 8 weeks from now, I will send out a reminder about the plan and see how those of you who have been following the plan are doing. 


Link to the book: The 4-Hour Body

Link to the supplements: My USANA site

Link to the prep day: Sunday

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