In yesterday’s post I talked about some fun (but not part of the plan necessarily) snack ideas. The longer you do the plan, the easier is it to go for four hours without eating. One thing I noticed this past weekend when my sister was in town is that she snacks often – which is exactly what I used to do.  I didn’t even realize it! That is probably why it was tougher for me to lose the baby weight at first.  Now let it be said that my sister weighs almost 40 lb less than I do, so she can snack (healthily of course!).  And being that she is a bride-to-be, it’s all the more stressful I’m sure.

Here’s what I ate on Thursday (see Sunday’s post for all the prep):

Breakfast (8 am) – scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, 2-3 egg whites) with spices, black bean mix (see Sunday prep) and organic salsa.

Morning vitamins: 2 Multi-mineral, 2 Mega Anti-oxidant, 2 Omega-3, 2 Joint Formula, 2 Vitamin D (1000 mg each) and 1 Proflavanol C100 (grapeseed oil and vitamin C).

Lunch (noon) – Arugula & spinach, quinoa salad (see Sunday prep), grape tomatoes, goat cheese (not feta), ½ avocado, Renee’s Balsamic Vinaigrette. Mini Diet Coke and 1 tsp natural peanut butter.

Afternoon (4:00 pm) – 1 hard-boiled egg, Fontaine Santé Bean Salad (contains all natural ingredients and no preservatives), almonds and leftover veggies & beans from dinner.

Dinner (8 pm) – Grilled salmon or chicken breast (several cooked on Monday, so reheated) for protein.  Stir fry veggies (Green Giant frozen) and lentils, with thai peanut sauce.

Evening vitamins: 2 Multi-mineral, 2 Mega Anti-oxidant, 2 Joint Formula, and 1 Proflavanol C100 (grapeseed oil and vitamin C), 2 Active Calcium Plus.

We’re almost at Cheat Day!! My favorite day of the week. If you signed up to receive the blog via email, I will be emailing you the grocery list tomorrow.

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