Have you been watching the Olympics? I will admit that I am a little bit obsessed and I love watching as much as possible! Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for Canada, where we won 4 medals, including a Gold in Women’s Wrestling (Erica Wiebe) and Silver in the Men’s 200 m (Andre De Grasse). This morning, I was listening to the CBC Broadcast and heard former Canadian Soccer goalie, Katrina LeBlanc talk about 15 minutes more. To paraphrase, when she was cut from her first team, she decided that she would do 15 minutes more each day – whether it was 15 minutes before practice or after, she committed to doing an extra 15 minutes a day. And a year later, when she tried out for the team of girls that were a year older, she made it and her career took off after that point.

Gratitude Tip: Where in your life can you do an extra 15 minutes a day? How would your life change if you did 15 minutes more a day to follow your dreams, live your passion or manifest your vision? What about adding an extra 15 minutes of gratitude or prayer into your life? How would your life change in a year?

When people start a business with our tribe, Holistic Lifestyle Creators in USANA, they are generally starting part-time, working to fit their business into their already full lives. This concept of 15 minutes more a day fit perfectly for what we encourage our part-time associates to do. It’s not about blocking off hours and hours to do your business, it’s about carving out 15 minutes a few times a day to make a few calls, send some texts or follow-up with an email. Success is built in those small daily habits, and over time, that’s what creates momentum and a great income.

Summer is the 2nd most challenging time of the year for anyone who is in business, whether you are in direct sales or not. With so many people on vacation, and taking vacations ourselves, it can be a challenge to stay on top of things. This year, our team continued our team calls into the summer and we even held a team contest to help motivate our tribe to stay on track. And it’s translated into great results and lots of growth. I’ve seen our tribe members doing that extra 15 minutes a day and making a difference for others by continuing to share the USANA lifestyle and vision over the summer.

As we move into the last two full weeks of summer (many of your kids are already back to school!) before Labour Day, I encourage you to add another 15 minutes a day  – whether it be working out, working on your business or working on yourself – to create momentum before this last long weekend. Next week, I’ll be in Salt Lake City with a sold out crowd at USANA’s International Convention, a chance to make those extra 15 minutes really count!! There will be a HUGE announcement in nutritional science and I promise to share all of the details with you when it’s announced on Thursday.

Are you ready to commit to just 15 minute more a day?

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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