I launched my blog! My first few posts were about our travel challenges on the way to Guadalajara, Mexico to celebrate New Year’s with my parents. It was interesting to hear from those who had shared other similar challenges and also to learn that people were actually reading my blog! It’s now one year and over 110 posts later (an average of 2 per week) and I’ve still got lots to write about and share. I enjoy all of the feedback and comments, not just on the blog but on facebook and twitter as well.  And with my new Blackberry Curve, I’ll be able to check in on both apps all of the time. Seriously, what did we do with our time before social media?  I think I remember vaguely, we used to read more and call people on the phone and actually connect in person, right?  Sure, I can criticize social media, but I have to say that in many ways I feel much more connected now than I ever did before. It’s easier to keep in touch with my family that are spread out across the continent and it’s fun to interact with people around the globe that I would otherwise have little opportunity to connect with.

This holiday post is a quick one, just a way to mark a milestone and to say thanks for all of you who are keeping with Motivation For Your Life. I still have plans for this blog and ideas for my julieboyer.com website, it’s just a matter of making it happen this year. In the next week I’ll be planning and setting goals for 2011, as well as reflecting on what was achieved in 2010. Looking forward to sharing with you!

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