Labour Day Monday!

My parents' new trailer

My parents and their new trailer

Happy Labour Day Monday to you! It still feels like the middle of summer here in Southern Ontario, we are in the grips of a heat wave and the air conditioning is still running all day and evening. I love September because we often get a few last blasts of summer before our short fall season.

Last night my parents came over for one last visit before they head off again for another cross country trip in their trailer. My parents are really amazing. They have driven across Canada, the US and Mexico at least a dozen times in the past 7 years. They are true travellers who are comfortable living a minimalist lifestyle while they are on the road. We had a lot of fun last night creating a vision board together. I had made the suggestion a few weeks ago when they were contemplating the next stage in their lives. You see, my parents had a dream of selling their home, buying a trailer and travelling all across Canada and the US. And for 7 years, they have been doing just that.

Gratitude Tip: When we achieve our lifelong dreams, there is a huge sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Sometimes, we can feel lost or without direction when we forget to take the time to set our next goal or create a vision for what comes next.


julie boyer, daily gratitude, live daily gratitudeWe started out by writing down what was most important to them: lifestyle, family, health etc. We got very specific and then found images to go with their phrases. They really got into in and we ended up working on this project for several hours. When we said our good-byes (for now), we were all smiles and felt optimistic for the road ahead. It also made me think about my dreams in even more detail while listening to my parents and what they have planned.

I’ve suggested in a previous post to take the time to create a vision board for yourself and with your family. After our evening last night, I want to really encourage you to make time over the next 2 weeks to create one, and if you’re open to it, share it with us on my Facebook page.

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