A short post this morning as I prepare for the last day of school.  It’s hard to believe a full school year has gone by! When I first took the role at Willowglen, I was only meant to stay til Christmas.  It turned out to be the full year and I’m so glad that it did.  I am filled with joy, gratitude, a bit of sadness and trepidation about what lies ahead. Since baby girl is due in October, I won’t be going back to school in the fall.  This summer will be spent doing private in-home French lessons and a few weeks of summer camp right here in Burlington. And the other great advantage is that I have the opportunity to spend a bit more time build our team right here in town this summer.  It’s always a great time to become an entrepreneur during the summer, since you’re always outside, connecting with people, playing sports and socializing.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of ladies at school.  From all different backgrounds and ages, it’s been great to get to know them.  And I have learned so much from the kids too – who knew you could learn so much from pre-schoolers? It’s really prepared me for what’s ahead in a few years with our baby girl.  I also really appreciate the exposure to the Montessori method.  I had already been doing a number of things that fit with the methodology, but it’s amazing to see how much the students learn about daily living and being a contributing member to the class and the world at large..

Here’s a little glimpse at the school year:

Have a super summer everyone! I have a few spots left for some of my summer programs, so if you know someone in the Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton area who’s children are in a French immersion program and would like to continue to speak over the summer, just click here for details.

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