Holistic LifestyleLast night we did a soft launch of our new tribe brand, Holistic Lifestyle Creators!! I am thrilled to be working with an amazing leadership team on this project and to be supporting our tribe to amazing levels of success in 2016.

Gratitude Tip: Launching a new brand, idea, book or website can be a stressful time. My suggestion is to launch even if you’re not 100% ready, and adjust as you go! We often get so caught up in getting all of the details correct and making sure everything is in place before we go for it. When you feel as though you’re past 80% of the way there, do it! You’ll also be able to gain live feedback from your tribe and make adjustments as you go.

Creating our Vision Boards

Creating our Vision Boards

In November, I attended the Art of Leadership with Tony Daum and had the opportunity to work with a group of amazing women (L to R), Carmelle, Sara, Amy, Karla & Kelly. We spent three very long days not only creating our own personal vision but the vision of our tribe and what we wanted to create in 2016 and beyond. We worked on it throughout December and made a commitment to launch on January 3rd, 2016.

We are a tribe of holistic entrepreneurs in our most radiant health, creating wealth & freedom for individuals and families around the globe. As authentic leaders, our vision is built on a foundation of gratitude, love & integrity.

We have started with a Facebook page and are launching live and webinar events this month. Our first webinar will be on Tuesday Jan 5th at 1 pm EST, please join me at www.watchourwebinar.com to find out more about who we are and our amazing product partner, USANA Health Sciences. We will be live in Burlington on Tuesday Jan 12th at the Burlington Golf & Country Club from 7 – 9 pm (this includes a nutrition seminar), please register here ahead of time: https://hlcjan.eventbrite.ca/

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing leaders and up-and-coming leaders in 2016. I have a massive personal vision as well (more on that tomorrow) and I am so excited for what 2016 has to offer. I’d love to hear from you! What are creating in 2016? And how may I be of support to you?

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