The very first speaker we heard from at the Archangel Summit last week was Robin Sharma. He is the author of one of my favorite books of all time, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I actually studied this book and have read it several times – I even have notes in one of my notebooks about the principles. This was the first time I heard him speak live and also had the chance to meet him to say thank you. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the notes from his talk and my take on what he shared.

Gratitude Tip: It’s an amazing feeling to have the opportunity to express your gratitude for a mentor in person. We can send letters, tweets, post on FB about them, however saying it in person is always so powerful. It’s also important to remember that our mentors are human beings, just like us. They are real people with real emotions and from what I have seen, most of them are thrilled when you express your gratitude about their work.

His most recent book is called The Leader Who Had No Title and as he shared with us, ‘we need more people showing up here as HEROES and as LEADERS, and people who are kind.’ Leadership starts with you. You can decide to lead today, even if no one is following you. There is a major need for leadership worldwide and trust me, you – yes you – can make a difference by choosing to become a leader right now. As Robin put it, ‘Leaders are inspired by change and leaders deliver results.‘ I did a short Facebook live video a few days ago about what are you willing to change. Many of use will make a commitment to leadership or to big goals, yet our daily habits don’t change. In order to deliver results, you have to change what you are doing right now. If what you were already doing was enough to make a change, you’d already have to results you wanted and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

I find that I am very aligned with what Robin shared but most of all when he said that ‘the responsibility of a leader is to develop other leaders.’ This is a lesson that I learned from John Maxwell back in 2008 when I first read the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. It’s also the key to success and true freedom in network marketing. The mark of a solid leader in our profession is that when they are not around, the team continues to grow and duplicate – without them needing to be involved at all. I am still working on this. I have a number of 1st degree leaders, meaning that I am working with them directly and have just a few 2nd degree leaders, meaning that they are leading without my personal involvement (they are working with one of my 1st degree leaders). My personal goal is to develop 6 new leaders in my USANA business between now and July 2017.

Leadership is who you are when no one is watching.‘ Are you the same person with your family and your business partners? Or do you act on emotion with your family but use emotional intelligence when you’re in a business situation? Leadership is about being the same person, no matter what the situation is and being authentic to yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable. I had an interesting situation the other day, with a friend and client. She told me she had ordered products for her son from a direct competitor of mine. And right away I got emotional and started to say negative things about her choice. And then I realized, my emotional reaction had nothing to do with her. She made a choice that in that moment, she thought was best for her family – not because she was trying to do anything to me or my business. It was not about me in the least! And my emotion, I quickly realized, came from a old wound that hadn’t healed. I apologized, and told her that I realized my reaction has nothing to do with her. And any tension was immediately released. See, we all get into situations that will trigger our emotions, and it’s how we choose to deal with our emotions that shows leadership (or not).

Robin Sharma is one of the great storytellers of our generation and he makes a difference everywhere he goes. He is humble and kind and a pleasure to be around. He reminds himself (and the rest of us) that he also came from humble beginnings and faced rejection. Which Robin Sharma book has had the biggest influence in your life? How are you stepping up to be a leader – starting today? What lessons have you learned from Robin Sharma?

p.s. You may not hear from me for a few days, I am off to The Art of Abundance with Tony Daum, certified John Maxwell coach. Three 12 hours days and I’m sure I’ll have lots to share when I am back.


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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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