Let Go of Chaos and Clutter

I spent my summer purging our home, by selling and donating much of our ‘stuff’. At our 7 Figure Masterclass event on Saturday, Leanne Jacobs once again mentioned how important it is to make both physical and mental space for abundance and greatness. Another key is to also repair or dispose of things that don’t work or are broken, as this can really affect the energy in your home in a negative way.

Gratitude Tip: De-cluttering is not simply a fad. There is value is reducing the amount of ‘things’ in our lives. When we are overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ it is more difficult to be grateful for what we have. When we have space to enjoy what do have, gratitude flows much more easily. Start with one room at a time, one space at a time and give yourself 3 to 6 months to reduce, reuse and recycle things that no longer serve you.

Yesterday, my husband and I got back into the clean up. Even though we had a pick-up on Friday from Diabetes.ca, we ended up with two more bags of stuff to donate. In order to help our daughter to let go of items that she no longer plays with (you know how it is, as soon as you take it out to give it away, they want to play with it), we sell what we can to our local second hand store. She gets the money and we split it into her three banks, Save, Spend and Give. Lately, she’s been spending on more Shopkins, but I don’t mind these as they are very small and don’t add to the clutter!

Our newly de-cluttered living room

Our newly de-cluttered living room

It’s also bulk garbage day (should have taken a photo!) and we had a few trunk loads to take out to the curb. I am amazed that we still have so much ‘stuff’!!! Truly, I spent much of the summer donation and disposing of things we didn’t need yet we keep finding more. Every time we give away a bit more, it feels really good to have created more space.

Which room in the house is the most daunting for you? Do you have a place where you just simply put things that you don’t know what to do with? Start there! Your energy will shift once you’ve sorted it all out.

What are you up to tomorrow night? If you’re local to Burlington, please join me and a few of the amazing leaders I work with for Wealthylicious Burlington, an evening of Wealth, Wisdom and Wellness for Women at the Burlington Golf & Country Club from 7 – 9 pm. Men are welcome! www.wealthyliciousburlington.eventbrite.com – there is no charge to attend as my guest, please simply register to reserve your spot.


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