Life is Precious

Healthy, strong and enjoying ballet class

Healthy, strong and enjoying ballet class

One year ago today I was admitted to the hospital with what turned out to be invasive group A strep (STSS). I had a miscarriage a few days earlier and ended up with a very serious and rare infection. One day I was expecting our second child and a few days later, I was fighting for my life.

Gratitude Tip: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Tomorrow is not promised and that is why today is a gift. Are you treating every day as an amazing gift to be unwrapped? Are you giving your best to this world today? Time is so incredibly precious, yet we waste it on so many things that don’t matter. You have an opportunity to live your most incredible life, what are you doing to make it happen?

As I look back on the past year, 2015 was truly an amazing year for me and my family. The end of the 2014 was the most challenging and most stressful time we have ever faced but we were able to turn things around and make 2015 our best year yet. Looking at me today, there are no scars or reminders of the illness, and if I hadn’t shared my story with you today, most of you would never even know anything had ever happened.  I am stronger than I have been in years, not only physically but mentally as well. And, as always, I am incredibly grateful every single day.

How did we get through the most difficult challenge we have faced to date? With gratitude. I was able to find gratitude only a few days after I had returned home from the hospital. And I focused on gratitude for the very simple things as I healed and regained my strength. It is inevitable that we will all face difficulties and tragedy in our lives. Building our lives on an unshakable foundation of gratitude, love and faith, makes it possible for us to weather any storm that blows into our lives.

When I think about what happened and as the memories come up, I am doing my best to focus on the positive – even though it was extremely frightening for everyone and very unpleasant for me, I’m alive! I am still here, while most who had the same infection are not. I lived for a reason and I will continue to share my message of gratitude every single day as this is one of the reasons why I am here at this time in our world. There is no need for you to wait for a tragedy or challenge to create your best life. Life is so very precious. Decide today that you are no longer going to wish the day away and to make every day your BEST day ever!!

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