Just a quick note to send a prayer to the family of my friend Nadim, who passed suddenly from a heart attack this week.  He and I taught Sunday School together at our church, Eglise St. Philippe in downtown Burlington.  He was a young father, less than 50 years old, who leaves behind a wife and 3 young daughters, all who attended Sunday School with us weekly.

This is a reminder to all of us, life on this planet is so very short. Every single day counts and all of our actions and choices on a daily basis help to determine how long our stay may be. This is a man who had a strong faith and a desire to pass it on, not only to his children but to the other children from our small parish.  I am certain that God has a plan, even though I don’t really understand it right now.

Let’s live life to it’s fullest. Waking up in the morning with gratitude for another day here. Taking care of our bodies with healthy foods, daily exercise and optimal supplements. Taking care of our minds by avoiding the news, reading positive and spiritual books and being grateful all day long. Taking care of our families by telling them we love them and being there for them. And at the end of each day, thanking God (or the Spirit/Universe) for another wonderful day of being alive.

Much love to you all today.


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