Like Mother, Like Daughter

I am not a fan of the term mini-me, because I feel like our children are individuals and have their own personality and characteristics – however, last night, my daughter was very much like me (was I like this at 4 years old I wonder?).

julie boyer, daily gratitude, live daily gratitudeWe hosted a sampling party for the new USANA MySmartFoods line (launching in December 2015). My daughter had been excited about the ‘shake party’ since we planned it on Monday. She wore a dress and my heels (she walking in them better than I do!), and started off our evening with a dance for us. She helped to serve our samples, carrying a tray while wearing the heels! She was very enthusiastic!

I love watching my daughter grow up and see her personality change and mature. It’s funny how many people have told me I’m a ‘natural’ on stage – yes, it’s natural because I started public speaking when I was 8 years old. I have a feeling my daughter will follow in my footsteps when it comes to being comfortable in front of a crowd. My husband is also a great presenter, he just doesn’t have as many opportunities as I do.

Gratitude Tip: We are all given so many gifts when we are born. Have you recognized and nourished the gifts you see in your own children? What about your own gifts? Which ones are you most grateful for?


What traits have you seen carried over in your own children, or even your grandchildren? Are there any traits you wished hadn’t been carried on? How do you nurture your child’s gift so that they become a ‘natural’ at something when they are an adult?

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