julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneur, daily gratitude projectAsk yourself this, do I live in a world of OR or AND? This comes from a quote shared by Michael Callejas at our Lifestyle + Leadership Masterclass on Saturday: ‘Don’t live your life in OR, live it in AND.’ Where in your life having you been living in OR? And would you like that to change?

Gratitude Tip: Life is meant to be abundant and limitless! There is no limit to how many blessings we can have in our lives, and no limit to the blessings that we can give to others. Yet the majority of us live in a world that is full of limits on our time, our money and our generosity. We feel as though we never have enough, as though we are not enough. The truth is, you are MORE than enough! You DESERVE abundance! And it is absolutely possible to live in a world of AND, rather than OR.

What do I mean by this? Living in OR means that you feel that you cannot have all that you desire. For example, ‘We’ll go on vacation OR we’ll do the renovations on the house,’ or ‘We’ll pay the bills OR we’ll put food on the table,’ or ‘We’ll travel the world OR we’ll have children.’ Living in AND means that you can choose BOTH!! ‘We’ll have kids AND travel the world as a family!’ and ‘We’ll do the renovations AND go on vacation,’ and finally, ‘We’ll pay all of the bills, have food on the table AND have more than enough to sponsor a child in another country.’

And what is it that allows us to live in AND? Two things: the right mindset and financial freedom. Together, these two skills will burst open the floodgates of abundance in our lives. The most difficult of the two? Mindset. Once you’ve mastered your mind, the financial freedom part comes much more easily. That is why a large portion of my blog posts are written about mindset and how our thoughts create our lives. The longer I study and practice this, the more I realize just how true it is. What’s interesting to me, is that when I first started to work on my mindset, I wasn’t really sure how powerful it was in creating my life – until I started practicing it more and more and seeing how the results showed up in my life, depending on my mindset at any given time.

For the financial freedom part of it, it’s about finding the right vehicle that allows you to create it. What I love about Network Marketing is that you can create financial freedom, part-time, on the side of what you are already doing. There aren’t that many ways to create leverage in business and the network marketing model allows you to do this. There are many great companies to partner with in our ever expanding industry, and if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve chosen to partner with USANA Health Sciences for the past decade. If you’re curious about what we do and how we do it, take a moment to fill out the mentorship form and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

For the rest of this week, find ways that you can live in AND instead of OR. Maybe it’s as simple as going out for dinner AND a movie. Keep us posted on how you’re living in AND on our Facebook page.

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