It’s Day 9 for me of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, 2015 edition. One of the questions I often get about the program is about losing weight. Let’s be clear about something, this is not a weight loss program. It’s a healthy, whole food, whole body detox program built on total body and cellular nutrition. But, yes, some people do lose weight, and keep it off. Here’s why:

1. Cutting out processed foods. This is a simple one, most processed foods are not healthy and often add empty calories. They do not leaving us feeling full and often start a chain reaction of binge eating. Which leads us to #2.

2015-03-29 20.32.262. Cutting out refined sugar. Sugar triggers an addictive reaction in our brain that leads us to wanting more and more sugar. By eliminating it cold turkey, after a few days, the addiction symptoms subside. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks for this to happen, depending on the level of sugar addiction prior to the program. Removing sugar once again removes empty calories and we eat less due to few cravings.

3. Adding supplements. Did you that there are trace minerals that can help with weight loss? We learned all about it from Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor on our webinar last week. You can watch it here.

Hepa Plus_CA4. Removing alcohol and caffeine, which allows your liver to function more efficiently. Add in the Hepa Plus (or Hepasil DXT) to provide optimal liver support and you will notice how much better your body is at releasing toxins. Did you know that there are potentially toxins stored in our fat cells? That’s why a product that supports your liver is vital when losing weight. Hepa Plus will be featured on The Dr. Oz Show tomorrow, April 16th. Check local listings.

5. Eating more fiber. The foods included in the program are full of fiber, which makes us feel fuller longer. By feeling fuller more quickly when we eat a meal and having that feeling last much longer, it’s easier to make better choices and eat less when we are not slaves to our hungry. And since this program allows you to eat when you’re hungry, you’re also able to listen to your body’s cues and eat when needed.

6. Water. Water not only helps us to stay hydrated, but it also helps to flush fat and also to improve our concentration. Water with lemon can also help to tide you over if you don’t have a healthy snack on hand or are running late making a meal.


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7. Focusing on whole real foods, instead of counting. We don’t talk much about portion control or calories during the program. The reason is that once you learn how to eat real food, you will eat what your body needs to thrive as opposed what your body wants to fill a craving. When you eat real food, your calories are of more value to your cells – 100 calories of carrots will fill you up and nourish you much more than 100 calories of chips.

8. It’s not a diet. You can continue to follow this program indefinitely. For the rest of your life! In fact, there are people around the world who already do. And they are likely the healthiest people you know.

9 .All of the macro-nutrients are included. In balance. You’re eating adequate protein (can be totally plant based), healthy, low-glycemic carbohydrates and good healthy fats. And as mentioned above, lots of fiber.

On average, most people lost between 1 – 6 lb in their first week. By the end of 30 Days, the average is between 4 – 9 lb with a few who achieve double digit loss. And since you’re eating real food and there no need to ‘go off’ this plan, a lifetime weight loss is achievable.

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