Luck is When Preparation Meets Opportunity

For the first time since my daughter was born, we went on a family hike. We’ve been on walks before but this was a true hike with actual hills. And it lasted more than an hour. Even though we’re not moving to France until next August, we decided to start our training now. In fact, we have been preparing for this move for over a year already.

Gratitude Tip: The luckiest people in the world are those who take the time to prepare and plan and then when opportunity shows up, they are able to take it. Next time you tell someone that they are ‘so lucky’ take a moment to stop and ask them about all that went into them manifesting their dream opportunity. Chances are there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Hiking with small children is a challenge but since one of the reasons we want to live in France for a year is because of all of the beautiful hiking nearby, we realize that we’ve got to start training. My broken bone in my foot is finally healing (thanks to wearing a cast for 6 weeks and now using a bone stim machine to heal the bone) so I can also start hiking again.  I affirm daily that my toe is completely healed. I plan on hiking, climbing and skiing again when we’re overseas.

Even though not all of the pieces are in place yet for our trip, we know we’re going. There are moments when it seems a bit scary and there are so many unknowns. Yet after having survived a life threatening illness last year, I am even more certain that it’s so important for us to make the best of our lives and travelling is something we all want to do. Change is uncomfortable but in my view, so is routine. And trust me, I love my routine. However, having lived overseas a few times, I know how amazing it is to experience different cultures and different environments and this time I want to share it with my family.

What is that dream in your heart that whispers in your ear? A year from now, what would you want people to say that you’re ‘so lucky’ to be doing? What’s keeping you from starting to work towards that dream?

Don’t forget! Today is the first day of the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! Simply pick something from the list on this post and start today, for 30 days. Use the #30daysofgratitude when posting on social media for the challenge!

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