Make Monday Magnificent!How many of you woke up this morning and gave thanks? Did anyone else get down on their knees and pray? Or did you wake up, dreading the day and stressed about work or school? Let’s start the trend of Magnificent Mondays and be grateful for every day that we have, here on earth, to make a difference – starting TODAY.

Gratitude Tip: Monday can be a stressful day for adults and children alike. What can you do to change that? Start your day with gratitude! Giving thanks for another day always helps set the tone for the day. Many people like to write in their gratitude journal first thing in the morning as well. How you start your day sets the tone for what you’ll manifest throughout the day, so choose wisely.

Here are a few ways to make Monday Magnificent!

1.Wake up and say THANK YOU for this gift of another day!

2. Write down three reasons why you love your job or business. Don’t love it? Write down three reasons why you’re grateful for it – perhaps you need the money or you’re getting the experience you need.

3. Kneel down and pray. Start your day with God and He will be with you all day long. Remind yourself that you are a part of something much greater than yourself and that God always has your back.

4. Out of work or in a job you loathe? Take action this morning towards your dream job or business. Not sure what to do? Feel free to fill out the mentorship application on my site – even if you’re not a good fit for our tribe, I’m happy to give some guidance.

5.Have a dance party! Put on some music and shake it! Get the kids going too. Dance is a great way to shift your energy. Have you tried Spotify yet?

6. Dress up. Not in a costume (although that would be fun too) but dress one level higher than you normally would. Yoga pants & hoodies? Try a nice pair of capris and a blouse or top. Already in the capris? Maybe a nice summer dress and strappy sandals. Choosing to wear a nice or different outfit can booth our self-esteem.

7. Have a family breakfast. For many families, dinner together is impossible with activities and work schedules. Why not schedule a Monday morning family breakfast to get the week started off on the right foot?

8. Go for a walk in nature. Many of you have a morning work-out habit. Take it outside, especially if the weather is nice and sunny. Even if it’s not, breathing in fresh air and taking note of the abundance in nature that surrounds us will help your Monday mindset.

What do you do to make your Monday Magnificent?

Did you catch these weekend posts? I am doing a 40 Days of Prayer Challenge starting on Mon June 13th. We have 9 people enrolled so far. This is the first time I’ve done something like this, so it’s new for everyone.

And I shared how we turned our financial situation around in 24 months in this (rather long) blog post. It’s the first time I’ve shared our story on the blog and it resonated with many of you.

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