Make Space For The Divine


Sunday is a day of prayer and worship for many traditions. Whether you follow a traditional religion or not, I encourage you to make space for the divine in your life today. I’m not asking you to follow the same traditions as I do or to put your faith in God, as I do. Simply make room for something bigger than all of us today and see what happens.

Gratitude Tip: We are all amazing, beautiful energetic beings of light. We tend to forget this. Simply being alive, right here and now is a true miracle. Two cells came together and divided again and again and again, and differentiated until they created a human being. How incredible is that? Find space for gratitude today that you’re alive and remember that you are one in billion.

Making space for the divine is all about knowing that as you progress towards your goals and manifest your vision in life, that you are not in it alone. As Mike Dooley puts it, “The Hows are the domain of the Universe,” and when we shift from worrying about the HOW to taking inspired action, our goals seems to approach with lightening fast speed. Furthermore, the more we are aligned from an energetic perspective, the speed of manifesting will absolutely blow you away!

For many of us, this will be one of the busiest weeks of the year. Take thirty minutes today to plan out your week. Take out your calendar and make space for all of the most important things first. Then you can add the urgent things, as these will be done no matter what, and we don’t want to miss out on the important when we’re running around doing the urgent.

your best year ever, Christa Realba, daily gratitude project, The grateful entrepreneurFinally, I want to congratulate all of you who have made the decision to create your best week ever in business – especially my friend and business associate, Christa Realba who is about to create absolute excellence in her business this week. If you haven’t already enrolled for her Your Best Year 2016 online workshop, I highly recommend that you do!! Price goes up on Monday Dec 14th.  And a BIG USANA welcome to all who have made the decision to join our team this week. 2016 will absolutely be your best year ever!!!

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