instaquote-_tempIt’s a dark and rainy Monday morning here in Southern Ontario. And it would be so easy to start the day with a complaint or two, especially since it’s the first week of May. Why not make the choice to make it the best day ever? I realize that this is still a bit of irony for me, since the last time I had my ‘best day ever’ was when I tripped off a curb and ended up with a 2nd degree ankle sprain but who knows why that happened? My role is still to make it my best day ever, no matter what challenges are thrown our way.

Gratitude Tip: Mondays can be the most difficult day of the week for so many people. We may feel that we are stuck in a job that we don’t enjoy or that our commute is far too long (which is more and more common). A gratitude practice is essential to change our mood and our outlook on the day. Focus on what you CAN be grateful for, such as the paycheck that your job provides or the time in the car for personal development, which can help you to eventually transition out of your job if you choose to.


When my husband was laid off two days after Christmas 2013, the start of 2014 was very challenge for us. He was very lucky to find a job within three months, with ten years of experience in his field as a computer programmer, thankfully his skills are in demand. However the job did require a long commute and more time away from our family than we were used to. We used our gratitude practice not only to help us get through the three months without work, but also the next year where he was commuting. Almost exactly one year later, he found the perfect job 3 km from our home. Did our gratitude practice help to manifest that role closer to home? Perhaps! I never underestimate the power of being grateful. This week marks the one year anniversary of his new role, and we’ll be sneaking away for a quick family trip to Great Wolf Lodge for the night/day. Don’t tell our daughter! It’s a surprise for her.

The outcome of your day will depend on your attitude. That’s the bottom line. You have the power to make this your best day ever. And once you’ve made that decision, situations and people will show up in your life to help that become your reality. What do you choose today?

If you want your Monday mornings to change or if you’d simply like something to look forward to on Monday, I invite you to take a closer look at our Mentorship program. Spending a few hours a week with our tribe and building a freedom business could just what you need to make Mondays your best day ever!

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