Make Today Count. A common expression that we probably here at least once a week, and the question is, are we truly living this way. I never imagined that I would start losing people I know and love in my 40s, yet it keeps happening. A grade/high school friend, Leigh-Ann Hardy (friends please consider supporting her 11 year old daughter, she was as single mom) passed away unexpectedly a few days ago from a head injury. And another friend of a friend, Cam, died of a heart attack at age 47, leaving behind a 10 year old son. Life moves so quickly, how can we all make today count?

Gratitude Tip: Start by waking up and giving thanks for another day here on earth. Tomorrow is never promised and every day is gift. Truly and deeply, there is nothing more valuable than the present moment. We can use our gratitude practice to ground us in the present moment, for every time we stop and give thanks, we are immediately grounded in the present.

While watching the Olympic Games we see how so many of the athletes are making today count. For some, it’s only about 10 seconds and for others, it’s about performing again and again through qualification, quarter finals, semifinals and finals. When we see athletes on top of the podium, it’s partly because on that day, at that moment, they were able to completely be present and focus on what needed to be done. Not on what comes next, not on the next race, but the one right in front of them. I shared in my last post how Penny Oleksiak leaves it all in the pool for every race. That’s all about focusing on the moment at hand and making it count. We saw how many athletes missed the final or did not get a favorable lane because they didn’t give it their all in the preliminaries. For some, it worked out in their favor (400 m winner was in lane 8) but for most, it ended their Olympics earlier than expected.

How else can we make today count? Breathe. Take a few moments in your day to breathe deeply. Take three or four long, deep breaths. Close your eyes if possible (not while driving please). Feel the air entering your lungs, and your lungs expanding and filling with life giving air. Gently exhale any negativity or stress. Once we’ve done this, our stress hormones are lowered and our heart rate decreases. And in that brief moment, we are present. It’s a great opportunity to give thanks for our heart, our lungs, our bloodstream and all of the amazing miracles that take place on a moment to moment basis to keep us alive.

I was reading over my own story last night, about how I almost lost my life back in December of 2014. When I read it, it still feels so real and so recent, even though it’s almost been 2 years. I know that once I woke up from the medically induced coma, I was in a state of complete gratitude to have been given another chance to make a difference. It’s unfortunately that is often takes going through a close call or losing someone we love in order to embrace the present. I know that I am a different person after having gone through that and that I do make more of an effort to make today count.

How can you make today count? What can you do differently, knowing that tomorrow is not promised? I encourage you to share what you do to stay humble and grateful on a daily basis.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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