Make Today Count

Such a cliché, isn’t it? Make every day count. Tomorrow is not promised. We know this, yet why do we continue to treat every day as if it’s no big deal? To me (I know many of you feel the same way), it is a gift to simply wake up every morning.

Gratitude Tip: How can you make today count? What will you do today that will create powerful memories, not only for you, but for the people in your life?


How many times have you looked back on a Friday and cannot even remember what you did on Monday? I am guilty of the same sometimes. A strange thing happened last night, I took out my gratitude journal and noticed that the last entry was Aug 12. Yesterday was Aug 14. I looked back and wondered if I has mis-dated my entries. I could not figure out what I did wrong. And then I realized that someone how I had forgotten to write in my journal the night before. And I couldn’t even remember what I had done before bed that night.

I write a lot about being present. As you can see, it’s something that I am still working on as well.  Many of the new habits I have started over the past month have helped me to become more present – especially having less stuff around the house to clean up. Stuff can be distracting, that’s for sure.

Today, be present, as much as you possibly can be. Breathe. Stop and be grateful. Make Today Count.

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