See how excited I am?

See how excited I am?

Last night, a few of my leaders and I made a BIG commitment in front of our team. We committed in writing to advancing to the next income level in our businesses, a process that takes 13 weeks to achieve. It’s definitely outside of our comfort zones – way outside! Isn’t that where all of the growth happens?

Gratitude Tip: Our comfort zone is comfortable. And I’m truly grateful to have all of our basic needs met every single day in that comfort zone. In order to fulfill my purpose here on earth, I’ll have to step outside of that comfort zone – further than I have ever been before. And doing that with a team of people is even MORE fun! Your comfort zone may not be as comfortable as you think it is, because the truth is, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. There is no such thing as standing still. Which direction would you prefer?


It would seem as though the HOW would be the most important part of this process: How am I going to double my income? How are we going to more than double sales in our organization? How will there be enough hours in the day to get it all done? But it’s not. It’s essential to let go of HOW it’s all going to manifest and focus on the fact that by taking inspired action, we will be able to create all of the success we’ve committed to, and even more. Our team has the skills needed to come together and make this happen. And when we have truly committed and made a DECISION, there is no turning back – we are burning the boats as the expression goes!

After years of ‘declaring’ that I am going to reach this goal, I finally feel aligned when I say it. My ‘gut feeling’ is confident and there are no more lingering doubts. And as always, I expect miracles every day.

‘Seek wonder in the the ordinary, and miracles will happen that you cannot explain.’ Sarah N, Rand

My friend Kimberly gave me this little card on the weekend and this was the quote inside. Perfectly fitting for what is about to happen in our lives. When I thinking of seeking wonder in the ordinary, I think of a daily gratitude practice and simply being grateful for everything as we go through our day. I’ve decided to add a bit more faith to my gratitude practice, instead of simply saying thank you for everything, I’m add in thank you God. I realize that it will be a lot easier to manifest my goals and dreams by including God in the process.

Who else is ready to DECLARE a major goal and make a commitment to advance to the next level in their business? You don’t have to be in USANA to make this commitment – many of you reading are in other direct sales businesses and also have your own traditional businesses. Even if you’re not in business, what would be a massive and uncomfortable personal goal for you over the next 90 days? Share in the comments! We’d love to support you.

Today is Day 38 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge. I am so grateful to have made the commitment to a public, visual commitment of gratitude for 40 days because I have seen how it has truly changes a few lives in the process. It was never about my own gratitude, but to inspire all of you to find gratitude every day, no matter what.

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