Making a Difference

I believe that for most of us, we’d like to make a difference in other people’s lives. Sometimes, it may be that we feel it’s too difficult or too much work to make a difference but in this post, I’d like to share with you how simple it can be to make a difference for another person.

Gratitude Tips: Making a difference in someone’s life doesn’t take much time. When you value your relationships and a grateful for all of the human beings that cross your path, it’s simple to take action and make a difference.

Simple Ways to Make a Difference

1. Listen. One of my core values is to listen with love and empathy. Start by listening when others are speaking and asking questions.

2. Comment. In our busy world of social media, it’s easy to simply scroll by and click like on a photo. When you take a moment to comment you are engaging with the person who posted. I am fairly certain that everyone likes it when people comment on their photos. In the spirit of daily gratitude, I do recommend you keep your comments positive and kind.

3. Reach out. When you see someone who is struggling or going through a life challenge, instead of simply commenting, reach out and send a personal message. They may not be able to reply or even acknowledge the message but it will make a difference.

4. Send a card. I often post in my Live Daily Gratitude messages about sending a thank-you card. A few minutes a week to send out a card or two will make a difference for the recipient – and to you as well.

5. Do something without being asked to. Is there a task that your partner or spouse always does? Do it for them. And teach your kids how to do this.

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