Making Memories with the Supermoon Eclipse

julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude project, supermoonIn case you missed it, last night was a global lunar event, where we experience a Supermoon and a lunar eclipse at the same time. It’s also known as the Blood Moon, as the moon turns an eerie shade of red due to the refraction of the sun around the earth. What’s truly amazing is that the same event could be seen across the world (although best seen closer to the Atlantic ocean). It was an incredible opportunity for billions to come together across the globe.

Gratitude Tip: Remember that all we have is this moment. In a case like this, ask yourself this, will I be grateful that I made the decision to watch or will I be disappointed that I went to bed instead.


This event, where two lunar phenomenon happen at the same time is very rare. It’s only occurred 5 times since the 1900s and the last one was in 1982 (the year my husband was born!) and the next one will be in 2033 (I’ll be 57 and my daughter, 23).  We had put our daughter to bed and I went outside to look at the moon. However, I quickly decided that this was a moment I wanted our whole family to experience. I got her out of bed and we all drove down to the lake (only a few minutes from our home) to watch.

The Moon is already being hidden in the Earths shadowWhen we arrived, there was already a crowd of people. Unfortunately for us, the cloud cover was obstructing our view. We stayed until about 9:45 pm EST, at which point the moon was cloaked in darkness but hadn’t turned red yet. I ended up watch to the midpoint of the eclipse online – there was some great coverage with NASA and Slooh Observatory.

What did you decide to do last night? Did you stay up to watch the eclipse? Where you able to get some photos? There is a photo contest on NASA’s Facebook page if you’ve got some great ones. Although we didn’t get to see the Blood Moon in person, I’m grateful to have shared the experience with my daughter and husband.

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