Making New Friends

One of the questions I often get from my potential business partners is how do I ‘find’ people to join our team. Being in business for almost 10 years now, you can imagine that I’ve had to meet a lot of new people in that time in order to keep growing my team.

Gratitude Tip: Instead of focusing on ‘prospecting’, shift your efforts to making new friends. These new friends may or may not end up being a client or business partner, and that’s ok. Taking an interest in new people and being genuine in caring about them is a wonderful life skill. When you approach a new friend with an attitude of gratitude and love, it becomes easy to start building a relationship. Instead of ‘what can I get from them’ try ‘how may I best be of service’.


I had a wonderful time last night at a new networking group of young professionals. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m not quite a young professional anymore, but I do love working with people younger than me. I love the energy and passion for life that I’ve seen in many of these young professionals. And I like to have a diverse team of people to work with, so by making an effort to meet people who are different than me, chances are that my team will also become more diverse.

I encourage you to reach out to two new people today and simply focus on making a new friend. You never know, that one person could be a game changer in your life & business or perhaps you’ll be a game changers in theirs.


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