core values, julie boyer, live daily gratitudeThe first day of my challenge was pretty great. I created this simple image to print and post around my home to remind me of what my core values are throughout the day. I often post reminders of gratitude around the house to keep me in a positive frame of mind.

Gratitude tip: Use large Post-It Notes to stick gratitude affirmations up around your home. Suggestions include: gratitude changes everything, there is always something to be grateful for, I choose love.

I shared My Year of Gratitude project with my coach today and he shared some beautiful insights on gratitude. ‘I have gratitude for the gifts that I have honed’ and he advised me to ‘be in gratitude for who I am, not what anyone else thinks of me’ – Tony Daum, Tonyisms

It is easy to take our gifts for granted, and often much more difficult to hone these gifts and make a difference in the world by becoming an expert. To me, this is all part of the Gratitude Project. I want to truly live in gratitude every day and continue to inspire others to do so, but on a larger and larger scale.

The Universe supports me on this path as today was the first day of the newest Oprah & Deepak 21 Day meditation challenge, Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude. Seems fitting! It’s free for the next 21 days (plus about 5 extra days at the end to finish if you started late) so why don’t you join me?

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