Mexico – Day 1

We woke up on our first full day in Jocotepec to a sun, cloud mix and 20°C weather. Beautiful compared to the weather back home. We decided to take a trip up the mountains into Mazmitlan, at 2500 m. Being the middle of Mexico, the weather is much different from the coastline, as well as the vegetation and scenery. Rolling volcanic mountains, and the higher up we went, the most vegetation we saw. It was really quite beautiful.  A few photos from the visit are included. The local church was decorated for the holidays and the nativity scene was displayed out front.  It was very elaborate, including an elephant.  Very interesting. Mexicans really love old style Volkswagon Beetles and they are everywhere. We even found a replica of Herbie, the love bug.  I’ve really enjoyed being in the culture and with the local people, and have been taking every opportunity to speak Spanish. I have been studying Spanish with a Meet-Up group in Mississauga a few times a month and it has really helped. Tomorrow we have a quite day planning, exploring Roca Azul, the community where my parents live.  A bit of volleyball, swimming, reading and relaxing sounds about right. And tonight, tequila tasting party! Julie

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