One of the comments I hear most often is that “your life will change so much when the baby is born”, well guess what, it’s already changed quite a bit and she’s not even here yet.  Baby girl will be making her appearance in October so we have any time between 6 – 9 weeks to go! There are so many things that have already changed for Dan and I.

First, we spend our weekends planning and shopping for her upcoming arrival.  For such a tiny little person, she’s already got a lot of stuff. And she has a much nicer wardrobe than either Dan or myself. We spend time in crib stores, baby stores, looking online and trying to make decisions about what would be best for her. Of course, she won’t really care what kind of crib she sleeps in or what the dresser looks like – at least for a few years. Our apartment layout has been changed twice already, and we are planning to change it a third time in a few weeks when the crib arrives.

This past weekend was a major purchase weekend for baby – we got the crib and dresser online from and it should arrive in about 10 days. We have no clue how it will be in “real life” but it looks sturdy (weighs 80 lb) and we liked the style. Another big purchase is a shelving unit for the living room – we figured she’ll probably have toys and such that need a home, so we’re going to have baskets in the shelving unit.  One last fun purchase – that’s not really for baby, but for mom & dad’s relaxation.  We have been using our projector (business tool) for the past year and a half as a tv. Of course, they aren’t meant to be used that much and the bulb burnt out about a month ago. We’ve been doing a lot of reading and just hanging out on the computer since then.  We decided to finally invest in a tv and found this one on special at Best Buy.  Interestingly, the price has already gone up by $100 since the weekend. We are still without cable, we find that we are happy just watching movies and tv series on DVD.

And one of the best changes so far, we’ve made so many new friends. Through pre-natal classes, yoga and other connections, we have met many other couples who are expecting their first child at around the same time as we are. We all live in Burlington, so we’re close by.  It’s been fun going through this together, since most of our friends already have children and are done with being pregnant. It’s amazing how many different people you connect with when you’re expecting! We’ve always had lots of friends who have kids already, so we weren’t really spending too much time with couples who didn’t have kids, but now it’s exciting to finally be a part of the CLUB.

For my pregnant friends who are reading this, what changes have you already noticed in your life? For those of you who have kids, do you remember what life what like before you had your first? Do you remember how things began to change before he or she was even born? Looking forward to reading your comments.

One more thing – we are getting our 3D ultrasound tonight! Looking forward to meeting our little girl.

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