As mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I have been partners in our slow carb eating plan for almost 7 weeks now.   The results have been great, with both of us losing over 10 lb so far and 13″ and 6″ respectively.  Many of you have asked for more details about the plan which is outlined in detail in the book The 4-Hour Body* by Tim Ferris.  My first recommendation is to BUY THE BOOK! Everything you need to know is outlined in detail.

Since I do realize that many of you have little time to read and are curious about what we’re doing, here’s the plan.  Starting on Sunday March 27th, I will post all of the details on what I eat (and what Dan eats for the non-vegetarians) every day for a week, including Saturday which is BINGE DAY! I recommend signing up to receive the blog via email, so that you don’t miss a day and can keep it for future reference.

As a special bonus to those who do sign up for the blog, I will email you a grocery list that you can print and take with you to do your shopping for the week. It doesn’t get any easier than that! If you are already subscribed, you will automatically receive the list at the end of the week as well.

First thing to do is read The Slow-Carb Diet 101 posted by Tim Ferris, to at least get the basic understanding of the plan. He is also in the midst of preparing a cookbook, which I am really looking forward to.  The beta test of the book was launched last week – I missed it! Did anyone else happen to get a copy?

Finally, although it is not essential to exercise on this plan, I will include my exercise when I do it.  The most important burst of exercise is on Binge Day.  And if you do read the book, you’ll learn a lot more about how smaller, more effective doses of exercise are often the best for achieving results.  That’s something I’d like to try next time I train for an Ironman!

Tune in on Sunday March 27th for the first installment.




*This link is my affiliate link, should you choose to purchase the book via this link, I will earn a small commission from  To buy the book without the affiliate link, click here.

**Further note, I will also be including endorsements for many products that I enjoy during the week.  I do not receive any financial remuneration from any of these companies.  The exception being that when I mention the nutritional supplements, these are USANA products, for which I do own a business.  Products can be purchased at retail from my website or for wholesale pricing, please contact me directly at

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