practice gratitude in wood typeMy Year of Gratitude, A Gratitude Project by Julie Boyer
Inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

July 12, 2015, our six year wedding anniversary. July 13, 2015, the start of my year of gratitude. After reading The Happiness Project, I was completely inspired to take on the challenge of becoming the best version of myself. Last week, I was reminded by a colleague that as an ambassador of gratitude, my behaviour should be aligned with my words. Sometimes, as am I sure many of you can relate, we let our emotions and our physical state (tired, hungry) lead our words and this gets us into trouble. In order to become more aligned with my values daily, I have created this challenge for myself. It’s not as neat and tidy as the Happiness Project but I have decided to start regardless, as I am sure that taking action is the most important thing.

Step number one:
What is most important to me? These are the core values I choose to build my life on. To me, they are of equal importance and in no specific order.

Wake up with gratitude
Be authentic
Treat others with kindness & respect
Listen with love and empathy
Treat myself and my body with love
Honour my family and treasure my relationships
Be present, in every moment
Allow God to work with & through me, through prayer and meditation
Shine my light on others
Give thanks for all of the little things
Spend time in nature
Develop my leadership and mentor new leaders
Engage in daily personal growth & development

Step number two:
Blog daily.

Keep myself accountable to my core values and share my successes and struggles with you, in the hopes that you will keep me accountable and perhaps, chime in once in while when you relate to what I’m sharing.

Step number three:
Optimizer my blog for mobile, asap!

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