Summer is officially here – at least from a weather perspective. We have been enjoying beautiful sunny days here in Ontario, and I’m loving it!

On Saturday I had the chance to enjoy lunch once again at The Naked Sprout, here in North Burlington. This time, it was a for a fun meet-up organized by ubër-blogger, Angela of Oh She Glows. She brought together a great group of women, who shared lots of common interests beyond vegan, gluten-free food. Natalie, me, Jennifer, Char, Ange, Vanessa, Rachel, Angela, Daniela, and Chelsea – some who were regulars to The Naked Sprout and others who came a long way just to enjoy a meal with us!

It’s great that the restaurant is also gluten-free, that makes is easier for me to choose from all of the great options on their menu. They have a wonderful selection of juices – which I chose to pass on so that I would have room for dessert. A girl has to have priorities, right? Once I found out the cupcakes were from Kind Food – I knew I’d be enjoying one.

This time I tried the Taco Salad (photo credit to Angela) this time – which was very tasty once again. The only challenge for me is that almost everything on the menu has raw onions  and I forgot to ask them to omit them. Does anyone else have trouble digesting raw onions? I feel  pretty awful for a bout 3-4 hours after eating them. There isn’t a lot about this on the net, although this article on helped a bit. I do take a probiotic regularly, and that doesn’t help. For me, it’s just best to eliminate raw onions. Cooked onions are fine – especially my Dad’s classic French Onion soup for New Year’s Eve. Save the date!

Are there specific foods that you avoid raw? Perhaps it’s not an allergy but an intolerance? I’d be curious to know more – sometimes things we don’t think could be harmful or difficult to digest turn out to be the culprit for years of digestive upset. Check in below!


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