Over the past 4 years, I have had the chance to network with people from Toronto to Niagara.  It has been amazing to meet so many wonderful people and create many great relationships.  I have been to countless numbers of events and have also had the opportunity to read many different books and publications on the art of networking. Over time, I have developed a skill set that the has allowed me to share my approach to networking with many different organizations and groups in my life.   After a short education session on networking for the Trafalgar Toastmasters, with a push from a few friends, I decided to take the seminar public and host my first Networking seminar, open to the public.

What if one connection could make all of the difference in your business? How about in your life?

Wouldn’t you like to make that connection?

Please join me for a very special session, Networking with Excellence and Integrity

Listen to a short audio introduction by Julie Boyer

Not your typical training, in this interactive seminar you will learn and practice the skills you need in order to make successful connections in any prospecting situation.

  • How to make a great first impression
  • Standing apart from the crowd
  • Your infomercial or elevator pitch
  • Giving and receiving referrals that may actually bring in $$
  • Translating these skills to the online world: FaceBook, Twitter
  • *New added content on Networking for employees or those looking for work*

This session is perfect for:

  • Small business owners
  • Financial advisors, insurance brokers
  • Real Estate
  • Front line office workers such as receptionists/secretaries
  • People currently looking for work
  • Those who find it difficult to build relationships from networking events

This seminar will be very interactive, and you will leave with a new set of skills that will help you build relationships not only in business situations, but throughout life in general.

When is it? June session:

Details to be posted soon!

Register now for the early bird price of $20 per person.

Email: info@julieboyer.com

Ticket price at the door (if available) is $30 per person.

“I’ve always known that networking is an important soft skill to have, but as a person that is currently transitioning jobs, I was really looking forward to Julie’s session in the morning. She did not disappoint! I learned many different networking tips and skills that I had not heard, and like Julie said, had the opportunity to use them throughout the remainder of the day. The session was very refreshing, thanks Julie!” – Carla Sorowka

Looking forward to seeing you there! Please email me to reserve your spot today.

Question of the day: Share with us a great networking story – or even better, one of the worst!

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