Never Start a Decluttering Project at 5 pm

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Ontario and in several provinces across Canada. I had done several smaller de-clutter/purging projects over the weekend, as I had suggested in a previous post. For some reason, I decided to tackle the toys and the bookshelf in our living room at 5 pm last night. Not the best strategy, let me tell you. Here are a few photos about halfway through:

julie boyer, daily gratitude, decluttering 2015-08-03 18.08.27


After a short break for dinner, I got back to it, but my heart wasn’t really into it anymore. This is why it’s important to do small projects at a time. I ended up finishing with the bookshelf, the play kitchen and the corner, plus two of the small storage boxes.

Gratitude tip: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Every bit you do to help reduce the ‘stuff’ in your life, helps to make more room for daily gratitude, joy and freedom.


I am happy that I did complete what I had started and am now able to sell some of my books at a very reduced price to raise a bit of money for one of my favorite foundations, The USANA True Health Foundation to make a donation on site at our International Convention in 2 weeks.

Here’s a look at the (almost) finished project:

julie boyer, daily gratitude julie boyer, daily gratitude

I’m pretty happy that we can finally see the top of our coffee table and I hope that with the extra space I created, it will stay clear! Did anyone else take on de-cluttering/purging projects this weekend?



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