For some of you, you may not even know what Twitter is.  For others, you tweet first thing in the morning. And then there is everyone else in between.  I definitely fall into the in-between category. Nope, I am not an expert in any way, shape or form, but I thought I’d just share a few of my experiences so far.

Although I signed up for Twitter almost exactly 1 year ago today, I didn’t really start to use Twitter until December.  At first, I was updating my status on Twitter, or tweeting, using – which is a service that can update all of your social media the same time. There is also something cool call TweetDeck – but I have just recently downloaded it, so I’m not really sure how it works. But it looks cool. If someone has some input on TweetDeck, please share it in the comments. At first, I thought that updating my Tweets once a day like Facebook would work.  Found out that’s not what Twitter is all about – in fact, it is a completely different application than Facebook or LinkedIn for example.

I hesitated for some time about hopping on to the bandwagon, but eventually I did, and have been really enjoying the conversation.  And that truly is what Twitter is all about – when you first click on the home page, it says “Join the Conversation”.  It’s almost like a virtual watercooler, with the possibility to connect with people around the globe.  It really is about being a part of the conversation.  Just like Laura Roeder mentions in her blog post, you have to engage with your Tweet peeps in order to make things happen. Randomly posting quotes and articles can be helpful, but you also have to be a REAL person.  Now, I’m not always interested in what you had for breakfast, but if you tried a great new shake recipe and it’s delicious, please share. And although I might not be interested in how fast you ran your 8 miles this morning, it’s always interesting to see how many active people there are on Twitter.

Twitter can be time consuming, and it’s not important to spend all day tweeting.  It’s fun for me to spend 15 – 30 min on it per day and follow the conversation.  I’ve met some great people and even purchased product from someone I follow (yummy Glo Bars) – without them having to sell me anything.  As I said before, I’m no expert, but here are my tips for Twitter:

  • Be a real person, not some robot who just spews out quotes and business tips
  • Engage in the conversation, learn what a RT is and #FF for example
  • Take the time to connect with people and create relationships, just like you would offline
  • Twitter is a place where you can talk to strangers, and it’s ok. I keep FaceBook for people I know or have met in person.  FaceBook is another topic anyhow. See @unmarketing for tips on FaceBook – love this guy!
  • Read things that others share, if it interests you, and comment back to them or on their blog. The law of reciprocity- be genuinely interested in others and it will come back to you.
  • And if you wonder why I’m not following you or have unfollowed you, I refer to @snipeyhead’s blog post.

So, if you want to join the conversation with me, just click here.  And I promise you won’t see the automatic reply: I’m looking forward to our tweets!  Who knows if your tweets will be interesting or not?

Happy Friday and we’ll see you on Monday for the Week #4 update.

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