To all of my mommy friends who were moms before I became one. This is an open letter of apology and I wanted to let you know that I finally GET IT.

  • It’s not possible to work from home and raise kids without help. During the day, forget about it! In the evening, once the kids are in bed – you’re lucky to get an hour a night. And that’s if you choose not to see your spouse.
  • Keeping the house clean and tidy – again, another task that is best done by someone else. You spend your day picking up after everyone, doing laundry, folding it and putting it away. Not to mention all of the time spent preparing food for everyone. It’s a bit of a challenge over here, with me being a vegetarian and hubby a meatetarian. It’s certainly getting easier now that baby is eating more food like us.
  • Leaving your kids to travel for an event is also much more difficult than I thought. If you’re going alone, your spouse being at work all day means a day care situation for baby. And our daycare is closed on Friday (the one day a year) so we were very lucky that my in-laws are coming to take care of her.  Going away with your spouse – this can be even more of a challenge!!
  • Not to mention how hard it is to actually be apart from your kids. Our daughter spent Saturday night at my in-laws so that we could enjoy our trip to the Cirque du Soleil. I missed her so much and we were only apart for 24 hours (not to worry, I still really enjoyed my evening).
  • I totally underestimated how much love you have for your child (or children). Now I do understand why we make sacrifices for our kids, why we choose certain things for our child’s safety first, why deciding who takes care of your kids can be such a tough decision.
  • And now, more than ever, I understand why it’s so important not to judge other people’s parenting decisions. Being a parent is a very tough job and often we make decisions that we feel are best for our kids – not someone else’s – just ours. I never really understood this until we were bombarded with opinions on so many different topics when our daughter was born.  I’ve learned to smile, nod my head and say, um hum.

Please accept my apologies and know that I am on the same team now – and I GET IT!! Share with us any “ah-ha” moments when you went from being a couple (or single) to being a parent.  Check in below on the comments.

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